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When Running an Environmentally-Responsible Business, You Need a Like-Minded Attorney

When "doing well by doing good" is part of your business model and you have cultivated an ethical brand identity, it makes sense to utilize a small, local, environmentally-conscious law firm that understands your unique needs.

Studies have repeatedly show that there is a growing core of consumers willing to pay extra for sustainably-produced, organic, artisanal, local, and union-made goods. These consumers are loyal to brands that have a reputation as being good stewards of the environment and responsible members of the community. For example, according to the Organic Trade Association, sales of organic foods have more than tripled in the past decade, increasing by over 11% in 2014. According to a 2010 public opinion poll reported by Forbes, 65% of employees would seriously consider leaving their jobs if they thought their company was harming the environment, and 88% of consumers believed that companies have an obligation to try to achieve their business goals in a way that improves society and the environment.

As an entrepreneur, you recognized the growing demand for ethical goods and services and have created a thriving business with an ethical brand identity. Great! Now, let's talk about why hiring Noland Law Firm for all your legal needs makes sense.

1) You'll get exceptional legal services and personalized attention at an affordable rate. The quality of the work and your satisfaction are the primary concerns. Ross Noland has over a decade of legal experience and a focus on customer service, and Noland Law Firm is a small local business offering competitive rates and a great value.

2) Noland Law Firm understands the unique needs of socially- and environmentally-conscious businesses. While you could hire any big-firm attorney to handle your general business-related legal services, you'd be running the risk that your attorney might represent you in a way that does not match your ethical business model. Noland Law Firm understands that, for responsible businesses like yours, there are factors to consider beyond just dollars and cents. Ross Noland will spend time getting to know you and your business. By hiring Noland Law Firm, you'll have an attorney that will respect your values and priorities.

3) You don't want your brand to be tarnished by an embarrassing legal violation. If your customers expect your business to be socially and environmentally responsible, getting caught violating environmental or safety regulations could be devastating for your company. Noland Law Firm specializes in regulatory compliance, which is guiding small businesses through the complex web of state and federal laws and administrative regulations. Attorney Ross Noland can help you assess your current level of compliance, devise a plan for remedying problems, and help you monitor your operations going forward. Ross's focus is on preventing problems before they harm your business.

4) You would be supporting another small, local, ethical business. Just as you source your ingredients from small local farms and choose Arkansas-made products, you can also apply that ethos to your legal services. Why give your business to a large multi-national firm that may also represent industries and interests at odds with your values? Moreover, by hiring Noland Law Firm for your general legal needs, you'll be supporting a firm that does important pro-environmental litigation and advocacy work in Arkansas.

To learn more about how Noland Law Firm can help your business, contact Ross Noland today for a free consultation:

(501) 541-7374

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