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Noland Law Firm offers a wide range of legal services for individuals, businesses, government entities, and utilities.

Noland Law Firm specializes in environmental law and general litigation.  The firm offers a broad range of environmental law services, including counsel to property owners impacted by pollution, advice to small business owners with compliance issues, and due diligence services to purchasers of commercial property.  Ross is experienced in administrative environmental matters.  He appears before the Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission, EPA's Regional Hearing Officer, and OSHA's Regional Director on behalf of small business and non-profit public interest groups.  


Noland Law Firm is not limited to environmental law.  The firm represents clients in general litigation matters ranging from personal injury to contract disputes.  Ross understands the Freedom of Information Act, its uses for individuals and business, and the fact litigation is necessary when a public entity wrongly withholds information.  Noland Law Firm assists small businesses and non-profits on how to properly incorporate and subsequently maintain records.


If you are an individual or small business with an environmental or general legal services need, contact Noland Law Firm today for a free consultation. 



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